What You Can Find Here

Here are some quick links to some of the major parts of this website

The Project

A little more about the Project and why I am doing it.


Some video tutorials that layout the process.


Here you can find links and files that will be useful.

Software Used

Here is a list of the various software packages that we are going to touch on in these tutorials. None of these tutorials are intended to be comprehensive but to be a look in to a workflow and introduction to the topic of making your models interactive.

Time Spent in Software

There are several softwares that we will use in these tutorials below shows the aproximate amount of time that we will spend in each software.



3Ds Max

A Bit

Unreal Engine 4


Substance Designer


What we will be doing in each one

This is where we are creating the models that we are using in this workflow. The time you spend here is before you start this process.
A good chunk of time will be spent in 3Ds Max. Because of this I will show you the essentials so that we can accomplish what we need to. Mostly we will be using it to clean up our models though Max is a very powerful authoring software as well.
Most of our time will be spent in Unreal Engine. This is the engine that we will be using to render out our real-time environment. There are very few limits to what you can do in Unreal. Really your imagination is the limit.
We are not actually going to show Substance but I felt like it needed to be showcased here as it is a natural companion to any rendering engine. Allegorithmic recently allowed students and educators to download and use the Substance tool chest for free. It is extremely powerful and time invested in learning it will show in your models.