Capstone Project

"The Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) is an interdisciplinary degree that allows you to select three areas or emphases and work out a contract of courses with the departments of your choice. A final capstone project is required, which will bring together the three areas of emphasis."

My three areas of emphasis are:

Design Engineering

3D Modeling, BIM, Sustainable Design

Computer Science

Programming, Innovation, Web Development


Communication, Diversity, Outreach

As part of my capstone project, I used what I have learned in these three areas to create a website with a series of tutorials that explain how to take building models (done in Revit) that students have created in class or for projects and, using advanced techniques and a small bit of scripting and programing, render them out into a real time interactive environment. I have recorded tutorials in English and Spanish as to broaden the number of students that could benefit from them.

Students and designers spend a lot of time producing 3D models of their projects. I believe that by helping them learn how to show off their work in a professional way they can build a better portfolio to showcase skills. This has also help me to learn the skills needed for this line of work and build my portfolio in the process. There are a lot of tools out there and many different ways that can help achieve this. I hope that these tutorials add to these tools and serve to help people.

How they relate

DET (with the emphasis in architecture) is where the skills are learned to produce 3D models known as BIM (Building Information Modeling). I intend to show in the tutorials how to convert these models into real time renders.

CS played a vital role as I needed an understanding of scripts that allowed for the automation of the process as well as to help with the design and programing of this web page that host my tutorials. I used the skills and logic learned in my CS classes to accomplish the visual scripting parts of these tutorials.

Spanish plays an interesting role in my project. I spent a couple years in South America serving the people that live down there. I have developed a passion for service and enjoy teaching others what I know. I believe that the skill of speaking Spanish allows me to: broaden the scope of my project, extend its usefulness by reaching beyond the English language, and provide this same assistance to Spanish speaking students and designers of the world not just English speaking ones.