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Software needed

There are lots of companies out there that offer free software to students, here are a few.

Revit Export

Take you project from the familiar and make it great. That starts here!

Max Scripts

Here are some scripts that will make our lives much better!

Max Import

Let's bring the FBX model into 3ds Max.

Max Clean Up

There are a few things we are going to do to prep our model for UE4.

Max Rename

More clean up. We need to change the default imported name of objects.

Max Run Scripts

Now we need to use those scripts that we downloaded and watch the magic happen.

UE4 Project Setup

Finally into Unreal Engine 4, let's get the project setup.

UE4 Clean up

Let's get rid of the extra fluff that bloats our project.

UE4 Import

Here we bring in our cleaned up model into the game engine.

UE4 Material Import

We are going to grab some starter materials from some existing projects.

UE4 Applying Materials

A look at a few ways that we can apply materials in UE4.

UE4 Custom Materials 1

Let's make a material from scratch.

UE4 Custom Materials 2

Another look at the material editor in UE4.

UE4 Lighting

A brief look at lighting in UE4.

UE4 Collisions

Let's create some collision objects to make our project navigatable.

UE4 Doors

Just a small thing but when the doors open it can bring your model to life.

UE4 Packaging

Ready to pack it up and ship it out.